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  • pet 10.3.2017
  • Vjeko.com ideas in the cloud


    More about ISEMPTY

    I had much second thought about whether I should even blog this one. You know, it so profoundly belongs in the Duh! category that I have actually created the Duh! category specifically for this post. Now, fasten your seatbelt. I apologize for what you are about to see,  but...
  • čet 9.3.2017
  • Vjeko.com ideas in the cloud


    When you just must COUNT, no matter what

    I started with blogging about COUNT = 0 situation. Then I followed it with COUNT = 1. So, let’s do a COUNT = 2 today. No, no, I am just kidding, don’t worry 🙂 But I still have to do one more COUNT post, one that will cover all other COUNT situations. Believe it or … Continue...
  • sri 8.3.2017
  • Vjeko.com ideas in the cloud


    The “IF COUNT = 1” Conundrum

    If you haven’t read my yesterday’s post, then do that first. Good. At this point you are extremely smart because you know that you should never use COUNT = 0 but should use ISEMPTY instead. However, what if: IF SomeTable.COUNT = 1 THEN  DoSomething(); Well, if this is what you...
  • uto 7.3.2017
  • Vjeko.com ideas in the cloud


    Are there any records there?

    It’s been a while that I haven’t blogged, and my queue grows inversely proportional to the amount of time I have available for blogging, so let me do a short series of easy stuff, simply to take it off the list. This is not about new features, crazy new tips and tricks or anything...
  • ned 5.3.2017
  • Tomislav Stanković Web development & Online reputacija


    Ionic 2 – Podrška za višejezičnost

    Kako raste važnost mobilne aplikacije tako se povećava i nužnost višejezičnosti. U ovom blog proći ćemo kroz postupak dodavanja podrške za višejezičnost korištenjem NG2-Translate plugina. Hrvatski jezik ćemo postaviti kao zadani dok će se uz njega moći odabrati još engleski i...
  • sri 1.3.2017
  • Nenad Trajkovski Project Management and Microsoft Project


    How to change Start time for multiple Tasks in MS PROJECT 2016

    Hi, my Blog reader asked me a very good question: “How to change start time for multiple Task, after it was entered (calculated) in MS PROJECT 2016” I will show you what are we talking about at one simple example. … Continue reading →

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