Total War: Three Kingdoms

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Total War: Three Kingdoms


Izlazi: 07.03.2019


Total War: THREE KINGDOMS is the first in the award-winning series to recreate epic conflict across ancient China. Combining a gripping turn-based campaign of empire-building & conquest with stunning real-time battles, THREE KINGDOMS redefines the series in an age of heroes & legends.



Forge a new empire as one of 11 legendary Warlords drawn from China’s celebrated historical epic, the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Peerless commanders, powerful warriors and eminent statesmen, these characters each have a unique playstyle and objectives. Recruit an epic supporting cast of heroes to command your armies, govern your provinces and strengthen your growing empire. Characters are the beating heart of the game, and China’s very future will be shaped by its champions.



Modelled on Guanxi, the Chinese concept of dynamic inter-relationships, Total War: THREE KINGDOMS takes a paradigm-shifting approach to character agency, with iconic, larger-than-life heroes and their relationships defining the future of ancient China. Each of these characters is brought to life with their own unique personality, motivations, and likes/dislikes. They also form their own deep relationships with each other, both positive and negative, that shape how your story plays out.



With stunning visuals and flamboyant Wushu combat, THREE KINGDOMS is the art of war. With beautiful UI, vibrant vistas and authentic Chinese-inspired artwork, this reimagining of ancient China is a visual feast.




Creative Assembly revealed the Classic Mode will offer a much more grounded recreation of the period for players who prefer a historically authentic Total War experience. This is the opposite of Romance Mode, which will adhere to the romanticised perception of the generals from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms source material. In Classic Mode, 3D character models will “use historically authentic weapons and period-correct armor,” instead of the “out of period chainmail and ceremonial weapons” used in Romance Mode.

Romance Mode will see generals battle entire armies single-handedly like gods. However, the Classic Mode will fight realistically “with a retinue of bodyguards surrounding them like generals in previous historical Total War games.” Generals in Classic Mode won’t have access to earth-shattering abilities. and when they duel on the battlefield, the bodyguards surrounding each general will encircle them and fight each other.

Additionally, battles in Classic Mode will last longer than Romance Mode, which will be more like the classic Total War battle experience.







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Total War: Three Kingdoms

Svaka igra isti problemi.Odavno sam odustao od njih

Nebi te jebo ni za bjdo kajameja
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Total War: Three Kingdoms

Ja se veselim igri i uzimam ju jer mi sve viđeno sviđa...



Dva dobra videa sa pogledom na igru:




Veseli me ovoliko menadžmenta na kampanjskoj mapi i mnoštvo opcija!



  • Characters leaving your faction can have different kinds of exits. Some may leave amicably, others might quit in disgust. This will influence their disposition towards you later.
  • The appearance of your characters on their unit cards and the campaign map will change with the different armor and weapons you give them.
  • In Romance mode, if a character survives in a duel long enough to have "proven their worth" they can quit without demoralizing their troops. The example is some random nobody challenging Lu Bu. If he doesn't die instantly and puts up a fight, he can end the duel and his troops will be inspired by this.
  • Ancillaries come from random events, defeating generals who hold them, and from certain building chains.
  • Legendary items are usually in the hands of legendary characters spawned in at the beginning of the game. However, they can also spawn in through other characters later on (Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi for example), buildings that are built, or "master craftsmen."
  • Rank affects characters differently. Ambitious characters are more interested in their career than Dutiful characters, while Loyal characters don't really care that much.
  • The top three spots in your empire (Leader, Heir, and Prime Minister) will confer different global bonuses depending on who fills them. These are also the places that will cause a civil war if a character occupying them defects.
  • No chariots.
  • Population is the primary driver of economy and replenishment. Migration, buildings, and characters will change the growth. Sieges will diminish a population greatly.
  • Characters will die of old age at some point (this might not be the same in Romance mode, see below).
  • Relationships can form no matter what side the characters are on, so long as they interact. So generals fighting against each other can actually become friends, while characters fighting alongside each other can also become rivals.
  • Title Rank progression is based on class. So the ranks a Strategist (starts at "orator")will go through are different than a Vanguard (starts at "officer") up until the position of "Lieutenant Governor" (the third highest rank).
  • Skill trees are different between classes, but also between backgrounds. So any given character's skill tree will be different based on both their background and their class.
  • Mercenary units can be recruited through a special building chain. They have greater cost, but deploy immediately, without needing to muster. Only Sun Jian can build these buildings, but everyone can use them if already built.
  • Any relationship can theoretically be made or broken. So it is possible for the three brothers to turn on each other if bad decisions (demotions, events) take place. Though, their relationship starts so high that this is unlikely. In fact, it's also stated that the reason that the Xiahou cousins were even willing to jump ship from Cao Cao in the video was that something had happened that soured their relationship.
  • There are indeed five seasons in the game: Spring, Summer, Harvest, Autumn, and Winter in that order.
  • Seasons affect supply consumption and food production.
  • Characters will not magically survive at the end of battle if killed in a duel. However, not all duels end with life or death.
  • Battle maps are tied to the terrain that they're initiated in on the campaign map.
  • Characters will develop new traits over time.
  • Non-leader characters do not affect the diplomacy between faction leaders. Only the faction leader's relationship matters.
  • Records mode will tone down the design of "over the top" weapons, but legendary equipment will still be in the game, just with more reasonable design.
  • You will be able to see a character's relationships within your faction if you capture them.
  • Familial relations are only tracked and managed within the ruling family. Your unrelated generals will not keep track of their family members. They can, however, marry.
  • Character rank is not just about martial skill and is also tied to fame. So a character who just does a lot of stuff through events, assignments, and the like can also achieve high rank without fighting in battles. Lu Bu starts at very high rank.
  • Every character starts with three core traits which define their personality. They'll gain an additional four traits over time, but these cannot contradict their original three. So a Kind character will not also become Merciless.
  • Non-unique characters are not inherently worse than unique ones, stat wise. Unique ones do tend to start with unique weapons (which can be stolen) and skills (which can't).
  • Free agent characters will travel between different recruitment pools based on their affinity and past experiences with various leaders.
  • If a faction leader dies without an heir, a new heir will be chosen automatically, but a civil war can break out immediately since there is no clear line of succession and the high ranking officers want to play for power. You will play as the new heir.
  • If you make your wife your heir, then you have a kid and make the kid your heir, your wife will not be happy.
  • Bodyguards in Records mode will change unit type based on the kind of character their general is.
  • There are lots of characters who will only spawn into the game in the later years of the campaign. Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi were given as mid game examples, and Jiang Wei as a late game one.
  • Some characters (like Cao Ren and Xun Yu) don't have unique portraits or models. However, they do have unique effects and traits.
  • Town garrisons will be led by Captains, who do not act as full characters (no skills, ancillaries, guanxi, etc). Only Yuan Shao can recruit them to lead field armies.


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Total War: Three Kingdoms

Nisam neki pretjerani ljubitelj previse diplomacije, ali ovo ostalo mi izgleda odlicno. Bude i ovdije lakih 500+ sati .

Evil Destroyer of Universe Killer of Doom
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Re: Total War: Three Kingdoms

Meh,zadnji TW naslovi su dost bugoviti ,a A.I da ne spominjem...Sam da ovdje to nebude slucaj

11 godina
Total War: Three Kingdoms

Ja sam ovo probao i iako sam igrao svaki TW do sada ja sam ovdje potpuno izgubljen 

Velike pohvale šta možemo birati razne opcije u interfaceu kao i u grafici...

Ali gampelay i sva ta diplomacija, udnderground mreža i familija... Ja sam izgubljen 


Ali kažu da sve to dobro funkcionira...

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Total War: Three Kingdoms

Malo se posvetio igri...


Odlično, nisam imao još "siege battles" za koje i dalje kažu da su meh, ali kampanjski dio i politika je dva koraka iznad dosadašnjih naslova!

Također i likovi su bitniji te mi je draže imati generale i likove koji imaju neko značenje nego super ikone jednica koja su potrošna roba; kao u povijesti - tko je mario za "običnog vojnika"? Niko, bili su samo "topovsko meso" velikih generala koji su uzimali zasluge...


Imao samo dvije borbe na koje te kampanja na početku potjera te preko pregovora i malo muljanja uspio si pripojit jednu frakciju!

*veća slika

 I napokon ima smisla ući u koaliciju, dati mlitary acces i odabrati mete gdje trebate pomoć! Upravo to mi je pomoglo da ne budem napadnut sa istoka i posvetim se likovima i pregovorima...


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Total War: Three Kingdoms

Odigrao 10h.


Posjedujem svaki total war do sada međutim ovaj mi nikako nije legao. Tehnički je igra savršena, sviđaju

mi se sve funkcionalnosti koje su dodali i slično. Jednostavno ne mogu sažvakati Setting. 


Moram priznati da su mi  Total War warhammer 2 i Rome 2 total war puno draži

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