IP adresa ne predstavlja osobu a sad niti državu!

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IP adresa ne predstavlja osobu a sad niti državu!

Kalifornijski sudac van kontrole Dean Pergerson,{#} svojom presudom srušio je čak 15 tužbi vezane za torentiranje i to jednim potezom.Tužitelji koji su koristili "Geolocation Services" alat, da bi prema tome odredili državu i nadležnost suda za takve slučajeve ovom odlukom ostali su i bez te mogučnosti ode baba s kolačima.{#}{#}





"Early 2010, when these mass-lawsuits began, copyright holders targeted IP-addresses from all across the US in single lawsuits. This led some judges to dismiss cases because their courts have no jurisdiction over people who live elsewhere.

As a result, copyright holders switched to a new tactic. Before filing a suit they ran their database of infringing IP-addresses through so-called “geolocation” services so they could argue that the defendants most likely reside in the district where they were being sued.

This worked well for a while, but a new ruling by California District Court Judge Dean Pregerson puts an end to this new approach, killing 15 lawsuits in the process. 


One of the requirements is that it’s absolutely clear that the accused are residents of the region where the court has jurisdiction, but according to Judge Pregerson it is not sufficient to use the results from a “geolocation” tool to prove it."

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